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Woburn Sands is a small town situated just 6 miles south east of Milton Keynes City Centre and 2 miles from the M1, midway between London and Birmingham


PRESS  RELEASE  from Woburn Sands Town Council    -    Issued  1 October 2020

Anger at closure of school crossing by Network Rail

Network Rail has closed the pedestrian crossing linking houses in Woburn Sands to the North of the Bletchley-Bedford rail line with the main town.  The line is part of the proposed East-West rail link between Oxford and Cambridge.  The closure follows approval by an inspector who was appointed to approve the various improvement works to the line to be carried out by Network Rail under the Transport and Works Act. 

 The pedestrian crossing is called School Crossing since about a third of the approximately 300 daily crossings are children going to Swallowfield and Fulbrook Schools.

 The Town Council and residents have always acknowledged that the at-grade crossing presents safety concerns in the long term, particularly when the line is extended, and do not object to the closure in principal.  However there has been outrage at Network Rail's proposal to require pedestrians to use the main road crossing, mingling with traffic.  This proposal was accepted by the Inspector in his report published in late 2019 despite strong local opposition.

 Local anger was exacerbated by the fact that, following earlier discussions between the Woburn Sands Town Council and Network Rail, Milton Keynes Council gave their permission for a pedestrian footbridge which would provide separation between pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

 Discussions are currently under way between Milton Keynes Council and Network Rail on proposals to improve the safety of the pedestrians now being forced to use the road crossing.  While these are welcomed the local community is united in believing that a pedestrian bridge remains the best option, particularly in view of the proposed increase in rail traffic anticipated by Network Rail.  In the meantime a number of children are now being taken to school by car which is contrary to the environmental and health policies urged by Government.

Councillor Michael Geddes, the mayor of Woburn Sands, said "It seems extraordinary to me that Network Rail apparently thinks that it is safer for pedestrians, many of them children, to cross the railway mingled with traffic rather than via a pedestrian bridge.  Surely safety should be our primary concern - after all, in financial terms, the cost of a bridge is a drop in the ocean of the total costs of East-West Rail".

 MK Ward Councillor, David Hopkins, added "I am dismayed at Network Rail's apparent shifting of the problem (as they appear to see it) to MK Council and in so doing have turned a minor safety issue into a major hazard for our school students in particular.  We need to have the closure suspended in order to enable Network Rail and MK Council Highways to meet and decide upon a mutually acceptable long term solution".

 A parent, Sarah Drea, commented "I live near the train station in Woburn Sands.  I need to cross the train line by foot at least twice a day.  I have always taken my two small children to cross further down, on the now closed footpath over the line as it is safer than the road.  I now cross by the train station.  There is an incredibly high risk of being hit by a car, even when you are not actually on the road.  There needs to be separation between the footpath and the road, which there isn't".

 The community is united in demanding that Network Rail changes its mind in the interests of safety.


Proposed Parking & Waiting Restrictions

Published: 23 Sep 20

Milton Keynes Council are proposing more double yellow lines in virtually all of Station Road, 1 hr parking restriction outside the Woburn Sands Convenience Store Monday - Saturday. Have your Say, details attached for comments. Read More...

Fun Fair 23 September

Published: 8 Sep 20

The Fun Fair will be in the Recreation Ground operating Social distancing, hand sanitiser will be provided. The Fair will open Thursday evening 1st October, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon. Read More...

Help for new Universal Credit Claims during COVID

Published: 28 Aug 20

If you are required to go on UC, you might be finding it difficult as new claimants to get support as Job Centres not fully open. Age UK can help with reviewing CVs, help with job search, training opportunities free of charge etc. More attached. Read More...

Closure of School Crossing

Published: 24 Aug 20

Network Rail has announced the closure of the current at-grade School Crossing with immediate effect and require pedestrians to use the road crossing. Copies of the various documents can be found attached. Read More...

Wavendon Properties Appeal Decision

Published: 2 Jul 20

The Secretary of State in a letter dated 25 June has dismissed the Appeal by Wavendon Properties against refusal by Milton Keynes Council to permit the development of up to 203 dwellings to the East of Newport Road and East and West of Cranfield Road designated as open space in all local plans. We are delighted at this outcome which was fought so long by the Council and local residents. Read More...

Swanhill Homes

Published: 11 Jun 20

The glossy brochures you may have received will hopefully fall on deaf ears at Milton Keynes Council since it has now been agreed by two recent Inspector's decisions that MKC can meet its 5 year housing land targets. Want to know what this development entails: Read their newsletter and our response. Read More...

Aspley Hill Parking Bays Consultation

Published: 8 Jun 20

We received many complaints regarding the new parking bays on Aspley Hill. Now is your chance to send your comments to Central Beds. Details attached and our response. Read More...

Community Grants

Published: 5 Jun 20

The Council give out small grants to local organisations, the window is now open to apply closing date end of September. Submit your form to apply. Read More...

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