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An outline planning application has just come in for the land off the end of Asplands Close running up to the rear of 14 High Street.

It is for the development of 5 x 4 bed houses and the application number is 17/00778/OUT


Town Council letter.


To view application Milton Keynes Planning 




Wavendon Properties resubmission of application for 203 units north of Cranfield Road.  Ref. 17/00130/OUT

This is an unchanged application from the one recently refused by MKC.  It aims to get reheard by Development Control.  All previous letters will NOT count, so please rewrite as before. 

 Wavendon Properties have now submitted a second application

17/00409/OUT to MKC for 304 units, and they have lodged an Appeal against the earlier refusal of permission for 203 units.

This makes the whole process very confusing but it is likely the resubmitted application for 203 homes and the new one for 304 units will be dealt with simultaneously by MKC. Watch this space for further information. 



We are looking for a group to be formed to improve the station's appearance.  There is money available from the Community Rail Partnership to get started.
If you are interested please telephone or email the Clerk. 


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