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We are extremely lucky that Frosts Garden Centre has once again agreed to sponsor this competion, organising a judge and prizes which will be presented on August Bank Holiday Monday at the Woburn Sands Band Fayre, Mowbray Green.

JUDGING  DAY  25th July a.m.

Front gardens, back gardens and hanging baskets / pots will all be judged in their own category.  

Please nominate your garden or a neighbours garden by using the Contact us form on this web site or telephone 01908 585368.



JUDGED  25th  JULY 2016 






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Front Garden
2016 Garden Competition Front Garden 1st Place

1st   72 Weathercock Lane

A charming little garden with its challenges, roadside frontage with lots of school children passing daily, a really busy footpath with no protection.  Lovely use of half hardy annuals and cottage garden perennials, jam packed full of plants, every available space used, with low growing alpines.

Interesting addition of small front garden tree, Prunus autumnalis Rosea which cast very little shade allowing other plants to thrive.  Lovely evergreen climbers framing windows and garden in true cottage garden style. 

2016 Garden Competition Front Garden 2nd Place

2nd   Theydon Lodge
Jam packed full of colour perennial planting as its very best and very inspiring traditional planting, just how a flower border should be.
Lysamachias, Penstemons, Leucanchtemums, Crocosmia peaking in colour, height and texture
Interesting use of statues and bamboo canes with coloured finials to give another dimension to the border. 

2016 Garden Competition Front Garden 3rd Place
3rd   45 Chapel Street
A lovely front garden laid to lawn in tip top condition, with a large sweeping border with an unusual bright yellow Coreopsis clearly enjoying the location.
The clearing of some conifers has given way to the best Hollyhocks seen in the competition, beautiful colours of peaches and light yellows.
The overwintered Geraniums were clearly best in class, positively huge and packed with colour and a real show stopper.
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Back Garden
2016 Garden Competition Back Garden 1st Place

1st      9 Vicarage Street
The very best in the unusual and the unexpected!  Bursting with colour.  The very best choice plant collection, showing determination, patience & experience from its owners.  Simple pots filled with water & water lilies in full bloom, fruit trees laden with fruit in pots and a wonderful Trachylospermum in prime location.

2016 Garden Competition Back Garden 2nd Place

2nd   1 Chantry Close
This garden boasts the most amazing collection of summer bedding pots arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way.  An unusual and inspired oriental water-feature, along with a really well designed use of hedges to give structure and separate the Kitchen garden from Ornamental garden, great crop of salads. Lovely seating areas to enjoy the many enjoyable vistas.
This garden is also very sustainable with over 5 water butts, composter, wood store all well hidden from sight.

2016 Garden Competition Back Garden 3rd Place

3rd   3 Tidbury Close
Packed full of plants, with mature acers in their prime adding drama and structure to the plot.  Unusual and choice plants including an amazing collection of Citrus, Aeoniums contrasting well with Acers, Tree Fern, Lobelia and several fine specimens of Salvia 'Love and Wishes' even a Gardenia in flower.  Charming and peaceful seating areas and interesting use of different levels, with the use of slate and hard landscaping throughout.

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Hanging Basket
2016 Garden Competition Hanging Basket 1st Place
1st   6 Pine Grove
WOW!  Just how baskets should be - riotous colour, super huge and really eye-catching!  Baskets that packed a punch, even from a distance.  Good choice of reliable, enormous Begonia 'Illuminations' with well balanced colours & contrasting Petunias & Lobelia.
Clean and clear of deadheads, well nurtured and fed with plenty of colour to come, well into the Autumn giving real value for money.
A real labour of love with 6-8 baskets on the front of the house.
2016 Garden Competition Hanging Basket 2nd Place
2nd    5 Elm Grove
Lovely arrangement of wall mangers and traditional baskets.  Immaculate choice of well manicured geranium and fuchsias - best in class on Fuchsia, no heat stress and lovely large double flowers, Geraniums healthy and vibrant.
Interesting use of an otherwise, dull and uninspiring side wall.
2016 Garden Competition Hanging Basket 3rd Place

3rd   40 Vandyke Close
The very best mixed begonia baskets in show. Not a single dead head in sight! 

Well maintained and still plenty of vitality for the many weeks to come. 

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Community Award
2016 Garden Competition Community Award
Burlington Hall
Super huge window boxes with an amazing contrast of colour and texture.  Begonias mixed with a 'brave' choice of Petunia Surfina, creating a winning combination of oranges, reds and purple.
Hanging baskets were more traditional with a choice collection of plants with some of the best Trailing geranium seen in the competition.  Darker colours complemented by Lobelia Cambridge Blue giving an overall pleasing effect.
Lovely for residents to admire the window boxes from inside the building.
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Special Award
2016 Garden Competition Special Commendation
2 Club Cottages - Special Commendation
Hanging Baskets were voluptuous and brimming with colour, mixed Petunias in a blaze of colour with matching second floor window boxes, in a location with little sunshine making the results all the more commendable!
Plenty of colour still to come from trailing geranium and some of the best Fuchsias seen in the competition, contrasting well with similar petunias to the hanging baskets.  French Marigold in a single colour with healthy and happy Cupressus in pots!

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