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JUDGED 25th JULY 2017 

We are extremely lucky that Frosts Garden Centre has once again agreed to sponsor this competition, organising a judge and prizes which will be presented on August Bank Holiday Monday at the Woburn Sands Band Fayre, Mowbray Green. 






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Front Garden

FIRST                                                          27  Hardwick  Road 
                                                                           A beautiful  well maintained garden,                                                                            borders full of manicured shrubs around                                                                            the edges.  The garden contains a number                                                                            of very colourful beds and borders with a                                                                            variety of plants all in full flower.  To the                                                                            side of the bungalow is Grandma's garden                                                                            with a table set for tea, a delight to walk                                                                            around. 

SECOND                                                        Theydon Lodge
                                                                           A long very colourful wide border the                                                                            length of the drive containing a mixture of                                                                            shrubs and herbaceous plants all in full                                                                            flower, a very large colourful  pink                                                                            hydrangea begins the border near the                                                                            garden gate and all the border can be seem                                                                            from the footpath and a delight to be seen


THIRD                                                             75 Elm Grove
Sadly the lawn this year was parched                                                                                                                                              grass in places but in other years this                                                                               lawn has been well manicured and a                                                                               pleasure to see, the border at the back of                                                                               the lawn is full colourful shrubs that are                                                                               all neatly trimmed, shaped and well care                                                                               for, at the base of the border are two rows                                                                               of colourful Begonia semperflorens

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          Back Garden

FIRST                                                             5 Badgers Holt
                                                                             A square lawn is surrounded on all sides with very                                                                                              colourful borders containing shrubs, herbaceous                                                                                              plants in flower, fruit trees and soft fruit plants are                                                                                              grown along another side of the lawn. At the top of                                                                                              the garden near the garden shed is a beautiful                                                                                                area, planted with a mixture of hosta's, ferns and                                                                                               herbs, a large lavender in full flower is planted to                                                                                               attract bees and butterflies, in front of the shed                                                                                               were beautiful large lilies all in full flower . Near                                                                                               the house are a mass of very full colourful bedding                                                                                               plants in window boxes, containers and hanging                                                                                               baskets, The garden is very well care for and  is a                                                                                               credit to its owners who can be proud of their                                                                                               garden


SECOND                                                        31 Theydon Avenue                                                                                                                        A well maintained garden, with a stunning                                                                                                 architectural feature dividing the garden from                                                                                                 the lawn area through the arch to a second                                                                                                 garden containing a well maintained pond full of                                                                                                 beautiful fish, over which is a wooden bridge to a                                                                                                 secluded garden.  All border shrubs and trees are                                                                                                 very well shaped and maintained


THIRD                                                             8 Ridgeway
                                                                                A large back garden with a colourful border near                                                                                                 the summer house which had been planted to                                                                                                 attract butterflies, bees and wildlife in general,                                                                                                 surrounded by mature shrubs, colourful                                                                                                 containers and baskets on the patio 


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Hanging Basket
 FIRST                                                                75 Elm Grove
                                                                              A beautiful well maintained basket containing                                                                                                   maroon coloured petunias, fuchsias and blue,                                                                                                   white and purple lobelia the shape was perfectly                                                                                                   balanced almost the shape of a diamond, a                                                                                                   delight to see
 SECOND                                                          6 Drayhorse Crescent

                                                                                  A very colouful basket containing maroon                                                                                                       coloured Calibrachoa, that resemble small                                                                                                    petunias, planted underneath the basket was a                                                                                          striking planted container with the same                                                                                                    coloured plants and in front were several very                                                                            striking colouful bushy petunias


THIRD                                                                The WeathercockPub
A brilliant splash of very colourful baskets that                                                                                                    catch the eye of everyone that drives up Station                                                                                                    Road, 1 basket in particular stood out hanging                                                                                                    by the back door containing purple, white and                                                                                                    yellow striped petunias, a very full colourful                                                                                                     basket

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Community Award
                                                                                  SHELTON   COURT
 Once again this award is made to the residents                                                                                                    who maintain their "little bit"and are all very                                                                                                    different. It's a difficult site to maintain due to                                                                                                    its sloping nature.  There are some very                                                                                                    colourful beds and borders, one garden had                                                                                                    recycled hanging containers that caught the                                                                                                    judges eye planted with bedding plants.  The                                                                                                    whole site is a credit to the residents who                                                                                                    maintain the gardens

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Special Award
                                                                                    BURLINGTON  HALL
                                                                                    With very colourful, large well maintained                                                                                                       containers and hanging baskets adorn the                                                                                                       building each summer and area a credit to                                                                                                       those who provide them and to those who                                                                                                       have the daily task of maintaining them, they                                                                                                       must bring joy to residents and their visitors.                                                                                                        The judges made this award because they felt                                                                                                       that this annual  splash of colour enhances                                                                                                       the whole community, the High Street and                                                                                                       Station Road and each year the owners seem                                                                                                       to add just a few more bedding plants in some                                                                                                       corner or another


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