Council Office, Councillors and Staff

The Town Council Office is to the rear of the Memorial Hall on the High Street opposite the petrol station, the opening hours are 10 am - 1 pm, access is down the side passage to the left of the green double doors to the hall and post box on the double doors to the Hall. 

Council elections are held every four years and below are listed the current Councillors and Council staff:

Cllr Gillian Brooke


40 Burrows Close
Woburn Sands

01908 989262

Cllr Michael Geddes

Deputy Mayor

2 Tidbury Close
Woburn Sands

01908 282830

Cllr David Hopkins

Ward Councillor

80 Walton road

01908 528632

Cllr Paul Farrant

69 Greensand View
Woburn Sands

01908 585397

Cllr Jacky Jeffreys

13 Club Lane
Woburn Sands

01908 583526

Cllr Keith Temple

8 Elm Grove
Woburn Sands

01908 584565

Cllr Clive Cowmeadow

56 Weathercock Lane
Woburn Sands

01908 582965

Cllr Dr Jan Rae

5 Theydon Avenue
Woburn Sands

01908 587285

Cllr Peter Skelton

36 Station Road
Woburn Sands

01908 583189

Mrs Lynne Stapleton


01908 585368

Mrs Pauline Biggs

Clerical Assistant

01908 585368

Danesborough and Walton Ward

Woburn Sands is one of the rural parishes of the Danesborough and Walton Ward of Milton Keynes Council and has three elected councillors who receive a small remuneration, namely:

Cllr David Hopkins
Conservative Ward Councillor
80 Walton Road, Wavendon
01908 582632 
Cllr Victoria Hopkins
Conservative Ward Councillor

01908 582632 
Cllr Alice Jenkins
Conservative Ward Councillor

07896 004355
Iain Stewart MP 
Constituency Office,
01296 714240