Council Office, Councillors and Staff

The Town Council Office is to the rear of the Memorial Hall on the High Street opposite the petrol station. The opening hours are 10 am - 1 pm Monday to Thursday. Access is through the black gate down the side passage to the left of the green double doors to the hall. The post box is on the double doors to the Hall. 

Council elections are held every four years and below are listed the current Councillors and Council staff:

Cllr Dr Jan Rae

Cllr Dr Jan Rae

Town Mayor

5 Theydon Avenue
Woburn Sands

01908 587285

Jan Rae has lived in Woburn Sands for 30 years and has served as an elected councillor since 2015. Always an active member of the Council, she will continue to develop ways of engaging with residents in the joint endeavour of maintaining the quality of life in Woburn Sands.

Cllr Peter Skelton

Cllr Peter Skelton

Deputy Mayor

36 Station Road
Woburn Sands

01908 583189

Peter Skelton is a retired Open University geologist and keen naturalist, who has lived in the town since 1992. He joined Woburn Sands Town Council in 2016, taking special responsibility for the local amenity open space of Edgewick Farm and with general interests in environmental matters, chairing WSTC's Environment Committee from 2018. In response to Milton Keynes Council’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2019, he established a local Climate Change Group, to advise WSTC on possible measures for reducing community greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a health and wildlife-friendly environment. He has contributed to numerous WSTC responses to planning applications and consultations, focusing on ecological, landscape and conservation aspects, as well as working with MK Council and the Friends of Edgewick Farm to enhance the condition of a number of local footpaths. In addition, he contributes articles to the WSTC Newsletter and leads occasional walks focusing on the local environment.

Cllr Michael Geddes

Cllr Michael Geddes

2 Tidbury Close
Woburn Sands

01908 282830

Mike Geddes has lived in the Woburn Sands area since 1968 and has been a councillor since 2005. He has concentrated on strategic planning issues and has spoken on behalf of the Council at public inquiries such as the recent PlanMK, and Network Rail inquiries. He was responsible for the conversion of the Institute to accommodate the Library and the conversion of the Summerlin Centre. He is the Councillor responsible for overseeing the halls including the Library and is currently involved in finalising the details of the new Sports Hall.

Cllr David Hopkins

Cllr David Hopkins

Ward Councillor

80 Walton Road

01908 528632

David Hopkins is both a member of the Town Council and a ward member for Danesborough and Walton (which includes Woburn Sands) at Milton Keynes Council. He has represented the Danesborough area at Milton Keynes Council since 1990. A lifelong resident of Wavendon and Woburn Sands, David is a Board Member of the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership, Vice-Chairman of the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Authority, a Board Member of Milton Keynes Museum, a Board Member of the Milton Keynes Development partnership and a Board Member of the Milton Keynes Gallery. He represents the Town Council as a Trustee on the local Poor’s Coal Charity and the Wells Charity. David is also a Chair of Governors at a local primary school and a Governor at a school in the urban part of Milton Keynes. David served as Mayor of Woburn Sands in 2012/13 and also chairs Wavendon Parish Council, where he has served since 1979. Following a career in Marketing with Telecommunications giants Cable & Wireless and Siemens, David retired (from the day job) in 2017 to become Mayor of Milton Keynes (2017/18).

Cllr Clive Cowmeadow

Cllr Clive Cowmeadow

56 Weathercock Lane
Woburn Sands

01908 582965

Clive Cowmeadow moved to Woburn Sands in 1975 and has been a town councillor for over thirty years, serving as Town Mayor on five occasions. He is the Chairman of the council's Finance Committee, a role he has undertaken for over twenty years. In that capacity he has oversight of the Council’s finances, and he is responsible for the first stage of the audit process that ensures that the Council has sound finances. He is a trustee of the George Wells educational charity and an appointed Governor of Fulbrook School, the school that both his, now grown-up, children attended. He is currently a member of the strategy group promoting the widening of the age range at Fulbrook and he is very keen to ensure that the school continues to be a central feature of Woburn Sands and the surrounding community.

Cllr Joanne Green

Cllr Joanne Green

17 Downham Road
Woburn Sands

01908 587603

Joanne Green became a Town Councillor in February 2020. She had been chair of a local parish council in Central Bedfordshire. However, Woburn Sands had always been a pivotal part of her life before she moved here in 2015. She serves on the Halls Committee and now takes the lead on planning applications in Woburn Sands, aiming to protect the character and integrity of the community. This role includes contributing to the Town Council’s communications with residents concerning both the SEMK and EWR proposals, particularly to enhance the future strength, diversity and dynamism of the town.

Cllr Jacky Jeffreys

Cllr Jacky Jeffreys

13 Club Lane
Woburn Sands

01908 583526

Jacky Jeffreys joined the Town Council in 1985 and quickly became involved in many aspects of planning. She has taken the lead on all planning matters since then until recently handing over to Jo Green, but remains closely involved. Jacky has been Mayor three times and is a member of both the finance and environment sub committees. The Town Council newsletters are edited and largely written by Jacky and she also writes the Town Council's article each month in the Hogsty End Handbook.

Cllr Richard Lanyon-Hogg

Cllr Richard Lanyon-Hogg

13 Tidbury Close
Woburn Sands

01908 584487

Richard Lanyon-Hogg has lived in the Woburn Sands area since 1988 and has been a councillor since 2019. As a councillor he directly supports the Woburn Sands Climate Change Committee and serves on the Town Council Environment committee; Richard also leads as the link to the ‘Friends of St. Michaels’ church.

Alison Jordan

Alison Jordan

Town Clerk

01908 585368

Sam Townend

Sam Townend

Halls Manager and Assistant to the Clerk

01908 585368

Mike Smith

Mike Smith


Danesborough and Walton Ward

Woburn Sands is one of the rural parishes of the Danesborough and Walton Ward of Milton Keynes Council and has three elected councillors who receive a small remuneration, namely:

Cllr David Hopkins
Conservative Ward Councillor
80 Walton Road, Wavendon
01908 582632 
Cllr Victoria Hopkins
Conservative Ward Councillor

01908 582632 
Cllr Alice Jenkins
Conservative Ward Councillor

07896 004355
Iain Stewart MP 
Constituency Office,
01296 714240




J. Rae


P. Skelton


Chair, Deputy, C. Cowmeadow,  
J. Jeffreys, M. Geddes


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Edgewick Farm

Chair, Deputy, P. Skelton, 
J. Jeffreys, R. Lanyon-Hogg



P. Skelton/R. Lanyon-Hogg 

PLANNING (all Councillors will be invited)

All Councillors


Chair, Deputy, J. Green, M. Geddes

WELLS CHARITY TRUSTEE (4 yearly)            

C. Cowmeadow

W.S.B.C.A. / Community Market


D. Hopkins, M. Geddes


J. Jeffreys


R. Lanyon-Hogg





C. Cowmeadow is already an appointed school governor.

(all can attend)

Chair, Deputy, J. Jeffreys, M. Geddes, D. Hopkins



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Chair, J. Jeffreys, C. Cowmeadow, J. Green


Chair, Deputy, C. Cowmeadow, M. Geddes,