The Memorial Hall

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The Ellen Pettit Memorial Hall, known as The Memorial Hall is located on the High Street opposite the petrol station.

Capacity of the Hall

This hall is well suited for events and parties. It measures approximately 13 metres x 7 metres, with a capacity for about 60 people seated but can accommodate up to 100 people standing. The hall’s location also makes it suitable for smaller events in Woburn Sands such as fundraising events and small classes.

Hall Facilities

The hall is unique in that it has a small raised stage area and is well equipped with tables and chairs. There is also a fully fitted kitchen. The hall also has access to free wifi. Access to the hall is wheelchair friendly.

Car Parking

There is no parking attached to the hall. Parking is available in Woburn Sands, subject to the normal restrictions, including a free shopper’s car park within walking distance.

Cost of Hiring the Hall

The cost of hiring the hall will depend on your requirements. Prices range from a 2-hour minimum to an all-day rate and will vary according to the type of event. 


For any queries you may have on availability, or if you would like to book, please contact Sam on 01908 585368 or email  


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